5 Easy Steps to Plan Your Business Goals

Jul 01, 2022

Like many of us ambitious Ladies, I was always one to write a laundry list of New Year's resolutions.  I’d write them every year before the clock struck midnight, pray over them, and then slide them into a random spot in my bible only to find them a year later, wondering whoaaa why is my new list looking like my old list…

Then I decided, I’d upgrade my goal setting and create a vision board.  And guess what happened with those Biz Friends?!  Yes, you guessed it...They ended up tucked in a corner of my bedroom looking like repeats of the previous year. 

They say Growth does not happen until you get sick of your own bs right?!  Well, 2018 had to have been that year because I finally decided to change things up a bit.  Instead of just making my Wish List for the year and cutting out all of the perfect quotes and pics in my fav magazines, I decided to pick a theme for the year.  So instead of building another collection of the nicely tucked lists in my bible with my go-to goals, you know...lose 10lbs, exercise 3x’s week, save $____, etc.  I decided it was time to create a mission for the year and let that drive my goals.  

It was this simple mindset shift that helped me set the stage for not just my personal growth but my business growth as well.  By embracing this new epiphany, I was able to create a simple approach to planning my business goals for the year using a very similar method.

Here’s how to do it:

Step One: Decide what services you will sell for the year and a tentative start date.  Try to keep it simple and stick to one or two key offers.  Too many times we try to do a lot, thinking it will make us more productive. When the key is focusing on one powerful offer.

Step Two: Brain dump but create a list for each service with all of the items and things that you need to complete for a successful release.  

Step Three: Add deadlines for these items on your calendar based on your tentative release date

Step Four: Using your new list, determine how much it will cost you to successfully release your service. Write those numbers down and budget accordingly.  

Step Five: Adjust your timelines accordingly based on your Profit Goals and Get to #work!

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