Live the Life You’ve Always 




Live the Life You’ve Always 




Have you been feeling out of alignment, like you aren’t living life to your full potential?

Like your gifts are not being used in your current job role?

Or do you feel stuck and have been thinking to yourself, “I’m meant to do so much more than this with my life?”

Have you been yearning for upward momentum in your career and life but you have been struggling to make it happen?

It’s Time For You to Step into Your Next Level!


What if you woke up knowing exactly what you wanted to do in your career and felt a sense of purpose beyond actually paying bills?

What if you actually loved your career and could build the wealth you truly desire for you and your family?

Does this sound familiar?

The thought of getting up to get dressed to go to your current job makes you feel ill.

You find yourself daydreaming about your next career move while sitting at your desk. If you’re really bold, you might even be using your work computer to search for new positions on Indeed. What was once a very exciting position for you, has officially run its course and you’re ready for the next challenge!



you’re still stuck in that situation…

Taking the next step is requiring you to dig deep and explore what you really want your career to look like. You may even be considering making a complete 180° in your career and stepping out into a new industry or role and that feels scary.

I get it...

It’s hard taking a leap into unknown territory.

Isn’t it about time you started to feel like you are living on purpose?

Imagine waking up feeling excited about what the day may bring and ready to start your day. You feel like you are making a positive contribution to the world and feel fulfilled because you are operating in your gifts. You know exactly what your life purpose is and you are living it each and every day! Imagine you are making the money you have always wanted to make and feel appreciated for your hard work. You end each day with a smile on your face

– knowing you are free and in control of your destiny.

The good news is you are not that far from 


just that!

I know how hard it is to step out on faith to start a new career and jump into an industry and role that feels foreign.

After experiencing extreme burnout while serving as a Social Services Case Manager, I made a transition into a career in Sales/Marketing that forever changed my life and birthed my love for establishing healthy hustle habits rooted in strengths. Since starting my coaching practice in 2015, I have supported many with navigating the transition in their careers using my proven Healthy Hustle methodology.

I want to support you with making your BIG transition to your 

next happy place.


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Client Testimonials

“A work associate actually referred me to Agnes during the latter part of 2014. During this period of time I was dealing with a lot of stress stemming from work and uneasiness regarding the direction I wanted to go, professionally and personally. After our first session, I was floored by her professionalism, jubilant spirit and expertise in her field. She truly helped coach me into making monumental decisions regarding changing my career path and relocation.”

- Shawn

“When I met you I was miserable, working 40 hours a week and totally misaligned with my source and talents. Today, I am making more money in LESS THAN 20 hours a week. You were the first person to show and tell me what life could really be.”

- Kim