Founder | Author | Certified Coach



Founder | Author | Certified Coach

I am a woman on a mission to help others succeed in life and professionally.

I started my career as a Mental Health Counselor providing case management services for various government agencies and assisting others who struggled with mental health challenges. Feeling burned out, I felt a tug to switch gears and do something different. I then transitioned into a Sales/Marketing role, where I had the opportunity to learn the art of business and fell in love with it!

I honed my skills and decided to embark on the journey of becoming a Career & Life Coach, opening my coaching practice in 2015.After working with women in various career stages, I noticed they needed more than coaching support and empowerment events to elevate. This epiphany sparked the creation of my sister company The StartHER Tank, a mobile application offering on-demand business coaching and resources for new and aspiring entrepreneurs

Driven by my passion for education, power to uplift and ambition to succeed, I take pride in serving as a resource for others as they navigate career transitions and life. By creating safe spaces to have real conversations, I have empowered like-minded ambitious people to tread through the pains and struggles of success.

I am available for Panel Participation, Breakout Sessions, Virtual Learning, Podcasts, Corporate Training Workshops/Seminars.


Signature Talks

Embracing the Healthy Hustler in You

If your work life is consistently causing you to sacrifice the things that matter the most to you, then this workshop is for you. Hustling your way to exhaustion does not have to be your norm. Learn ways to improve your work-life balance and create a lifestyle rooted in rest and progress.

Mastering Your Power Pivot

Navigating career changes or transitions do not have to feel like an overwhelming, unrealistic dream. In this workshop, learn key strategies to pivot your career to live a life aligned with your core and purpose.

M.V.P Status

Learning how to navigate your emotions and properly handle difficult situations in the workplace can feel like a daunting task but with the right tools, anything is possible! In this workshop, learn my tried and true L.I.G Method discussed in my book “Pain to Purpose” and learn the art of mastering your emotions.

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