5 Steps to Balancing Your Career and Love Life

Feb 04, 2022

It’s a movie trope that we’ve all seen a hundred times before; the woman who is so focused on her career, struggles to give her relationship the full attention it needs, and so she almost loses the man. 


While the trope is a little tired, after all, there’s no reason why women can’t have both, there is a grain of truth in it. It is hard to climb the ladder of a demanding career and nurture a loving relationship at the same time. 


So how do you balance career and love? Here are our 5 steps to help you have both, without sacrificing either. 


1 - Get Your Other Half on the Same Page 

Communication is the foundation of any happy relationship. However, when one or both of you are super involved in your career, open communication can sometimes take a back seat. To make your relationship you need to talk to each other and be honest about any struggles you may be having. Are you finding it difficult to make time for each other? Then discuss it, and together make a workable plan that suits both of you.


2 - Make Time For Each Other - And Be Present

No matter how busy work may be, there will always be personal time for you to share with family, friends, and your partner. Look out for those less obvious opportunities to spend time together, or book specific vacation days to spend with each other. Even if you stay at home all day, it’s about being with each other not what you do. The most important aspect of all of this, however, is being fully present - putting the phones away and focusing on each other. 


3 - Evaluate Your Priorities

Prioritizing is all about having a look at your career and your relationship, and recognizing which area requires more of your attention at that moment. Is your career extremely stable at the minute, take a day off to spend time with your partner? Is your relationship rock solid, then focus on work and put in some long hours. Just make sure you keep up clear and open communication not only with your partner but your boss and co-workers too. 


4 - Offer Unconditional Support

Your partner also has a career that they’re working hard on. Just like you’re looking for a partner who is understanding and supportive of your career, they are after the same thing. Make sure you take the time to listen to your partner and their needs and match the level of support that you would expect from them. It will only make you stronger in the long run. 


5 - Make the Effort to Stay Connected

If your connection with your partner is strong, they will likely be in the back of your mind throughout your day. It’s not about messaging each other hourly (who has time for that?) but finding little opportunities to show them you’re thinking of them. Whether it’s sending them photos of something that made you think of them in the day, messaging them funny anecdotes after it happens rather than waiting to tell them, or even hiding notes in their bag for them to find later - these little moments of connection don’t take any time away from your career, but will deepen your relationship and make it so much stronger.

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