5 Signs You are Experiencing Burnout

Nov 04, 2022

Do you ever feel like you are always working and find yourself thinking, “Umm why am I so damn tired all of the time?”  If so, trust me, you are not alone.  

Even though women are completely dominating the workforce, they are also experiencing high rates of exhaustion.  Between balancing work, life, and personal lives (significant others, families, brunches, etc.), it’s hard to stay energized.

Reports have indicated that many millennial and Generation X women started working during their teenage years- busted their asses in college trying to build their resumes, only to get into the workforce and now find themselves burnt out by age 27. Many women appear to have it all together but the reality is they are exhausted and beginning to question whether their quest to climb the corporate ladder was worth it. Currently, one out of three millennial women are in managerial positions and studies indicate they are not stopping anytime soon.  However, studies also show millennial women are also averaging less pay in an unpredictable economy and are also leading the unemployment lines. 

With such powerful statistics, one begins to wonder how can women find the happy medium and still achieve epic career goals. With the rise in career advancement for women, there have also been reports of higher levels of stress, anxiety, and depression.  

With the high demands for productivity in a results-driven society, it is no wonder millennial women are experiencing burnout at high rates. For this very reason, it is imperative to be able to recognize signs of burnout in efforts to better manage self-care.


Here are 5 signs you may be experiencing burnout:

1. You are always tired.  If you wake up tired and go to bed tired, you may be experiencing burnout.  If you regularly find yourself digging for caffeine or a good piece of chocolate throughout the day hoping to get a good pick-me-up and still find yourself exhausted, you just may be experiencing burnout.  


2. Have you been experiencing recent health issues that do not seem to be the norm for you?  Women tend to sacrifice their self-care routines to get the job done or meet deadlines.  For instance, consider those moments you may have skipped out on eating a good healthy meal and opted to grab a Venti caramel Latte hoping it would curve your appetite, or consider the moment you stayed up late to finish a project and slept through your early morning work out because you needed that extra hour of rest before heading to the office.  If this sounds like you, you may be experiencing burnout.


3. Lack of enthusiasm or motivation.  Did a friend of yours recently share some exciting news and you just could not muster up the energy to celebrate with her even though you are excited?  Or did you just hit a major goal and don’t even have the energy to grab a celebratory drink with your gal pals?  If so, you may be experiencing burnout.


4. Pessimism has taken over your thought life.  Are you constantly thinking about the worst-case scenario these days?  For instance, your coworker was whispering to her friend about how much she loved your shoes but you assumed she was talking about how terrible your presentation went.  


5. You are not performing at your best.  The truth is when one is experiencing burnout, it is difficult to focus and put your best foot forward.  If you have found that your work has not been up to par lately, you may be experiencing burnout.


The Good news is you do not have to stay in this state of mind.  Here are some Tips to get you back on track:

  • Try to recognize the signs early and surround yourself with a support system that can recognize the signs as well.
  • Commit to regular self-care practices to help reduce the possibility of experiencing burnout.
  • Permit yourself to take a break.   Don’t be afraid to take a mental health day off work and spend some time alone to truly rest.  
  • Establish a routine that promotes healthy habits (i.e. meal prepping, time to spend with loved ones, etc.)
  • Allow yourself to get relinquish control of everything.  It’s okay for you to ask someone to help you manage a project.  
  • Last but certainly not least, Love yourself first!  Nobody will take care of you better than you.

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