4 Important Ways Mentoring can Benefit Women in the Workplace

career May 05, 2022

Working your way up to top leadership positions can be tough without the proper support.  History shows time and time again, securing leadership positions can be far more of a struggle for women than for men. Many women find that no matter how qualified they might be, it can be difficult to find the support needed to help them get that sought-after promotion. 


There is a solution to help women get into these leadership roles - mentoring


Mentoring programs are a great solution to help women expertly navigate their careers, develop leadership skills, and reach high-ranking positions. Additionally, gender diversity within a leadership team benefits everyone.  Corporations continue to see increases in employee retention and engagement AND local communities are finding women in business are providing great opportunities for economic growth and employment.  

However, the road to female career success is no easy feat.  Many successful women in business and corporate organizations attribute much of their success to having mentors who supported their continuous personal and professional growth.  So why not seek a mentor that can help you change the world?


 Here are the top 4 ways that mentorship can benefit women in leadership:


Reason #1 - Mentors challenge your perceptions.

Many women choose to leave their current workplace, due to feeling ‘stuck’ in their current position. This comes from being under-utilized, under-appreciated, and not being given access to the necessary tools they need to create a strong career path. 

Mentorship opportunities, give women the necessary support to move forward in their careers. It not only enables women to continually develop their skills but also teaches them to celebrate their talents and achievements.  Frequent feedback from a mentor not only boosts confidence to help women advance within their careers, but allows them to hone their skills while working at their 9-to-5.


Reason #2 - Mentors help you articulate career ambitions with ease.

In general, women don’t tend to engage in self-advocacy nearly as much as they advocate for others - meaning they are far less outspoken about their career ambitions than their male counterparts. This often means women can be passed over for training and promotions, simply because management is unaware that they want a leadership role. 

Mentorship provides a safe place for women to openly articulate their ambitions, learn how to approach management with them, and discuss the steps to take to achieve them. Whether the problem; maybe confidence or lack of necessary skills, mentors can work with women to overcome challenges. Additionally, they can provide personal experiences with their promotions and career development. Giving women valuable insight into navigating the process successfully. 


Reason #3 - Mentors support Goal Achievement and Accountability.

For any individual, setting career development goals means they often do not hold themselves accountable. This can be particularly detrimental for women, however, as they often face further challenges. 

Mentorship provides a safe relationship, that is supportive while holding women accountable for their personal goals. Together, goals can be set, tracked, and re-visited as and when necessary, making career development easier and more achievable. Furthermore, consistent goal achievement leads to self-growth and confidence, helping to further push them along their career path. 


Reason #4 - Mentors help you create and build A Solid Network.

Networking is a business staple and is especially important for women who tend to have less support and connections in their place of work. This automatically puts women at a disadvantage when it comes to accessing new opportunities and promotions. 

A mentor can give women access to their professional networks, as well as introduce them to others in their profession and make them more visible within the organization. This in turn enables them to continue on their career path, growing from strength to strength. 


Final thoughts

Women who have access to a dedicated mentorship program are more likely to step into and be successful within leadership roles. Once there, they can mentor other younger women which in turn helps to build networks, promote gender diversity, and continue the success cycle.

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